Color Management

Vibrant, consistent color on shelf

Color is the first cue shoppers use to find their brand on a crowded store shelf. Therefore, your brand’s colors should always be consistent, vibrant, crisp, and clean – regardless of the day, store, or market. Mastering true color accuracy across multiple printing and proofing platforms, substrates and production runs is our specialty.

Color Science Experts

On the leading edge of color science for nearly a century, Phototype has developed innovative tools for managing and measuring color within tolerances that exceed industry standards. We also help optimize press predictability through close, technical collaboration with printers.

  • Universal color targets and brand standards profiled to industry color standards
  • Access to the widest range of colors available and more vibrant print production with RGB, CMYK, CMYK+, and Extended Color Gamut (ECG) when applicable
  • Contract proofs that simulate the actual print conditions for a more accurate pre-visualization
  • Centralized database to store and retrieve printer technical data, such as curves, profiles, and spot color definitions
  • Specified digital color targets housed in our own Central Color Library or access to PantoneLIVE™ for those who subscribe via our Print Quality Management application
  • Control color data within electronic art files; every proof is verified against specified colors
  • Expertise in image retouching and creation of special visual effects
  • Separation techniques that extend the range of print possibilities
  • Closed-loop color management systems that enable all your printers to achieve color targets on all substrates
  • Print modeling capabilities when press characterizations are not feasible in advance of a press run
  • Delivering the best color matching available, regardless of the device...from soft proofs on-screen to high-end contract proofs

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