Remote Collaboration & Approval

Enhance visibility, accuracy and collaboration


Our File Routing & Collaboration (FRC) is a synchronized system that allows you to route, review, compare, annotate, and approve detailed proofs in real-time from your web browser.

Best In Class Solution

Developed in close cooperation with Kodak, we have created a customizable solution that is truly ‘best in class’ – and continuously upgraded to stay that way; recent updates include complete HTML5 coding and full support of Google Chrome. Our robust system significantly increases speed-to-market, while reducing errors and cost. We reduce the time, money, and opportunity for errors associated with routing proofs through email or hardcopy.

Other key benefits include:

  • All artwork is stored on and viewed from our FRC server...the piece of art that everyone sees is the most recent version and the only one available, creating “one version of the truth”
  • Client-defined permission levels are established by the FRC administrator
  • Kodak SmartReview™, embedded in FRC, allows concurrent viewing and collaboration by multiple users
  • Comments are noted and archived, creating an audit trail of the entire approval process
  • Allows for color-accurate review using calibrated monitors

Working brand assets – including digital images, color specifications, and die lines – are also stored in virtual custom “libraries”. This centralized repository provides a single, self-serve point of entry for all members of the supply chain to access the latest versions of the graphic elements used in the design and production of packaging and other print materials. This keeps everyone working from the same playbook.

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