Contract Color Proofing

Accuracy and attention to detail

Contract Color ProofingExceptional proofing is a critical step in our SMARTartSM process that requires talent, training and tools. We invest significantly in each of these areas to ensure we’re always meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Legal and regulatory compliance, grammar and spelling, adherence to brand standards — nothing gets past us.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Our proofing and routing procedures are customized to meet client internal approval, system and workflow requirements:

  • Designed to ensure accuracy, reliability and repeatability
  • Leverage both expert “human eyes” and remote/on-site proofing system installation, calibration and management
  • A range of proofing tools are utilized along the way to achieve final approved contract proofs
    • Soft proofs via calibrated computer screens
    • Hard proofs, including:
      • Fast, low-cost inkjets and thermals
      • High-end halftone contract proofs and press targets
      • Concept proofs for design and creative (not color)
      • Content proofs for text, image, position, layout
      • Contract proofs for final approval signature

Our QC3 Quality Assurance Program reduces costly errors and missed deadlines:


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