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Phototype announces expansion into Dallas, Texas

Phototype, a 93-year-old design and production company, for the Consumer Products Industry, is expanding its footprint in Dallas, Texas. This is Phototype’s seventh such facility in operation. The others include Cincinnati, Ohio, its corporate headquarters, Columbus Ohio, Appleton Wisconsin, Fayetteville Arkansas, Guangzhou China & Folkestone UK. The Dallas facility will house a complete graphics facility with Design, SmartArt™ (Production Art & Pre-press combined), Color, Retouching and Proofing. Phototype is starting this facility with 15 seasoned employees with a combined 285 years of experience.

“This is a very experienced staff we have assembled in Dallas. These new associates have truly breathed this air for a very long time and I am personally looking forward to having them be a part of our team. We have always wanted to expand our reach in the southern region of the US and this will get us there in a big way.” says David Olberding, COO of Phototype.

David goes on to say “The nice thing about this group is they spent several months in our Cincinnati facility training on our workflows & our tools. They truly have a great understanding of how we tick and this makes them a great partner with all of our facilities for back-up and overflow situations. Since all our facilities work off the same job ticketing software, QC tools and folder structure, we can do the work in any facility and know it’s being held to a very high standard that we have strived to create.”

Phototype Dallas will be operating out of a 7,100 sq. ft. facility in Los Colinas that was designed and built with workflow and creativity in mind. “The workstations are open to allow collaboration and communications between designers and production. This new facility has the latest hardware, software and bandwidth to meet the high quality and fast turns our customers have become accustom too. This brings our employee count to over 250 professionals” says Steve Olberding, President/CEO of Phototype.

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